terms & conditions

terms & conditions

If you come for a workshop, you cannot leave without a perfect result
craftmanship, dutch law, reason and common sense apply.
– (partial) payment in advance can be asked for
– custom orders , reservations and timeslots can only be cancelled in mutual agreement, custom materials or reserved timeslots will always be invoiced in full

–copyright, use right, intellectual property, ‘the right to use’ of anything produced and/or designed and/or written by me, remains with me, unless otherwise communicated in written form.

–any reclamation on invoices need to be received within the payment term and doesn’t give the right to postpone payment(s)

–reminders/statements of invoices causes by late payment (payment outside the payment terms (netto binnen 14 dagen) gives SawuGo the right to invoice all additional cost of invoicing and reminding with a minimum of € 25,00 per invoice and/or statement

–asking for a copy of an invoice outside the payment term gives SawuGo the right to invoice an aditional € 25,00 per document. a copy will always be sent via ‘digital’ transfer (either e-mail or a filemanagement system

-late, or no payment outside the payment term (netto binnen 14 dagen) will give SawuGo the right to use an external collections-agency after one statement/reminder. All additional cost caused by latepayment is for the debtor with a minimum of € 40,00

– private or group workshops can only be cancelled in mutual agreement, custom materials and/or travel-cost will always be invoiced
– and before I forget, I make art and happy people, therefore cannot be held liable for any (kind of) damages that happen in or around my workshop.

SawuGo works primarily as an artist (kunstenaar) and a fair contribution to all parties for any effort provided is the starting point. this includes all markets, festivals and other venues we visit.

SawuGo follows guidelines like https://www.mondriaanfonds.nl/aanvraag/experimenteerreglement/ and http://kunstenaarshonorarium.nl/richtlijn-kunstenaarshonoraria/

If you need more information on these don’t hesitate to contact us.