who am I

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Who Am I;
I am Me
nothing more, nothing less
what you see is what you get
deal with it…

I am an indiependent goldsmith, artist
coach in workshops.

I love workshops and interaction with others, some people call me a Maker
I do
pushing people
towards their limits,
make magic,
make things.

I sometimes try to achieve Wabi-sabi in my work

I simply adore WabiSabi

‘The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”‘

– Crafmanship, making things, shaping metal and materials, finding aesthetics
with my workshop I travel all over Europe to invite people their own experience of making and goldsmithing

Daan J. Uttien
Overamstelstraat 18-II
1091 TN Amsterdam

+31 6 14409398

worklocation, Amsterdam Oost, or West,all within the cityring, free parking available,

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